An Intuitive Dashboard

Our real-time dashboard provides metrics publishers must have at their fingertips. View all of your domains and explore playable time, video viewability, CTRs, revenue, and completion rates, among many other must-have data points. Explore our dashboard right now using the credentials below:

Automatic placement


Our quick launch program ensures new publishers to our platform can launch Avantis Video in record time. We built our platform to automatically scale.


With five years under our belt we have developed close relationships with big brands. Our team closes direct deals for our publishers including at the domain level. Our close relationships allow us to find the right floor prices for every day and hour thus ensuring the best RPM for each publisher based on their own unique platforms and users.



Powered By Data Science - For publishers who understand the big data component of our industry, we optimize for all devices by removing Vpaid errors and bad buyers while promising whitelisted buyers who deliver a better experience for your users while increasing ROI.


Device Matching Perfected - Our players appear in the right placement for every type of device and are built to fit precisely. With Avantis Video you are ensured industry-leading viewability with exceptional completion rates.