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AvantisVideo, video monetization platform that
helps publishers integrate video advertisers into
their business strategy

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All devices

Certify Yield Management

We are certified with Google Ad Manager and IAB Europe and suitable for all devices and video formats.


Optimized Video Player

Our proprietary technology optimizes in real-time based on your personal KPIs. With the relevant adjustment to your traffic
type, whether it is organic users, social
networks users or content recommendations.

Header Bidding

Video Header-Bidding

Focusing on S2S real-time bidding auctions, we can deliver higher than average RPMs [RPM = CPM * Fill-Rate].

What Is Your Need?

The setup of our video player aligns with all the latest industry regulations (Google and IAB) and can be modified to meet your exact needs.

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Interactive Dashboard

A centralized reporting platform that provides a complete performance overview for all domains. This includes playable time, video viewability, RPMs, revenue, and completion rates, along with many other must-have data points.

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