Video Players Powered By Real-Time Performance

Founded in 2014, Avantis Video develops industry-leading video player products. Our platform facilitates premium content publishers to easily integrate user-friendly monetized video players onto their platforms. Avantis video player provides better ad viewability, increased impression scale, and higher revenue for publishers.

High viewability, full-play completion rates, and targeted user-friendly and brand-safe content is crucial for video monetization that delivers the highest ROI possible. Avantis Video has developed the industry’s best tools to ensure every important metric is exceeded for publishers of all sizes. Our major brand publishers want to work with our partners because we deliver the KPIs they demand.

The core of Avantis Video’s video player is scalability and customization. Our engineers have spent five years developing industry-leading monetization in the video space. Whether your website receives million or 50 million page views per month, our technology works seamlessly with your growth efforts. We scale seamlessly because our team builds a custom-made program created specifically for your unique needs.

Accelerated Yield Management

Certified with all major partners and suitable for all devices and video formats. Light and fast on loading video content.

Optimized Video Players

Our proprietary technology optimizes in real-time based on your own personal KPIs, ensuring the highest possible ROI is delivered within your own ad-stack.


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  • Best Customer Service
  • Full Transparency
  • Real Time Reports
  • Personal Contact
  • Simple Integration

Header Bidding

First in the industry

Focusing on S2S auctions, Avantis Video is continually developing the most advanced header bidding video solutions in an ever-changing ad industry

This one keep as is:
  • Real Time Bidding
  • Based On Response Time
  • Manage Vpaid/Vast Error
  • Special Brand Deals


Our developers work closely with our business teams to ensure our technology is always exceeding the expectations of major brand and programmatic partners.

  • Real-Time Dashboard

    Our dashboard collects real-time data from your website's events, allowing for a full picture of optimization efforts.

  • Cross-Platform Device Optimization

    Video player placements are optimized for all devices and brand targeting provides a personal experience for every unique user.

  • Automatic Optimization

    Our proprietary algorithms utilize bit data to optimize video ads based on user profiles, device types, and various other internal measurements. Our technology is built by ad experts with years of experience in the digital ad tech sector.

  • Flow